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This reliable tool will help you store and protect all your login information
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Password Manager Deluxe is a versatile application that helps you keep track of all your account names and passwords. With this program, all you need to do is to memorize your master password, and it will take care of storing all your other log-in information.

Password Manager Deluxe protects your sensitive data with a password and encrypts it using a 256-bit algorithm called AES. Furthermore, I especially like that the program can be instructed to automatically lock the database when minimized or after a customizable idle period. Another plus is that Password Manager Deluxe is convenient. The program lets you organize your passwords into folders and choose meaningful icons for each entry so that you can easily find the information you want. If that fails, you can always rely on the embedded search engine that will instantly display the results of your query.

Moreover, Password Manager Deluxe offers a handy password generator. The program assesses the strength of your passwords and, if you are not satisfied with the ones that you come up with, you can have the application generate a random one instead.

The only disadvantage that I could find is that the “lock database” feature doesn’t always work correctly. There were a few times when after I checked the “lock database when minimized” option, I could still access it without having to enter the password. Even worse, Password Manager Deluxe saves a history with the recent entries that you accessed, which you can see from its tray menu. Although by itself this is not an issue, the fact that I was able to view the content of those entries, even while the lockdown was in effect, is.

Personally, I think that Password Manager Deluxe is a program that is worth trying out. It’s affordable, reliable and even though the application could use a bit more work on its security issues, it could still prove to be an effective solution.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It offers a handy password generator
  • It can launch webpages directly from its interface
  • It allows you to set an icon to each entry


  • The "lock database" feature doesn't function properly
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